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Notre-Dame de Lorette
Notre-Dame de Lorette
Notre-Dame de Lorette, December 2008. Notre Dame de Lorette is the name of a ridge, basilica, and cemetery northwest of Arras at the village of Ablain-Saint-Nazaire. The high point of the hump-backed ridge stands 165 metres high and - with Vimy Ridge - utterly dominates the otherwise flat Douai plain and the town of Arras. The ground was strategically important during the First World War and was bitterly contested in a series of long and bloody engagements between the opposing French and German armies. The Battles of Artois were as costly in French lives as the better-known Battle of Verdun. With Verdun, Notre Dame de Lorette became a national necropolis, sacred ground containing the graves of thousands of French and Colonial fallen, as well as an ossuary, containing the bones of those whose names were not marked. In total, the site contains the remains of nearly 40,000 soldiers, as well as the ashes of many concentration camp victims. Leica M6 & TriX film.
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