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On my way to Verdun #7 - Les Eparges
On my way to Verdun #7 - Les Eparges
Verdun Battlefields, December 30th, 2008. Les Eparges village. Les Eparges fierce battles took place in 1914 and 1915, as both German and French troops were trying to take control of the village's surrounding hill (X point) for artillery purposes. These battles cost the French camp approximately 50.000 (out of which 10.000 killed); the German losses were quite comparable. The battle for the possession of Les Eparges peak, was the fact of obsolete strategic considerations resulting from the XIX century. Considerably fatal, particularly degrading for the combatants, this battle was announcing Verdun's butchery to come, in February 1916. It is now a a quiet and peaceful place, with only 53 inhabitants, it might even been seen as a 'ghost' village as no activity is to be noticed... Leica M6 & Portra 160NC film.
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